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Colored Gemstones

There are many different types of colored gemstones, some of which require specific care and cleaning. While it would be impossible to list all the possibilities, here are some general care and cleaning rules that apply to all colored gemstone jewelry.

  • Many natural gemstones are treated or enhanced from the time they are extracted from the earth, by one or more traditionally accepted jewelry industry practices. These treatments and enhancements can affect how you should clean and care for your colored gemstone jewelry. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for more information on caring for treated or enhanced gemstones.

  • After wearing, wipe your precious gemstone jewelry thoroughly with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the luster of the gemstones and ensure that your jewelry is clean before storage.

  • Store gemstone pieces individually in soft pouches or separated in your jewelry box.

  • Do not expose your precious gemstone pieces to saltwater or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents. These chemicals may slowly erode the finish and polish of the gemstone.

  • Hairspray, perfume, and perspiration may cause jewelry to become dull. Apply all cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes before putting on colored gemstone jewelry. Make sure to wipe your gemstones after wear to remove any chemicals, oils, or perspiration.

  • Do not subject gemstone jewelry to sudden temperature changes.

  • If you have an active lifestyle, take extra precautions with some types of gemstone jewelry. Emeralds, for example, are brittle and should not be worn when doing household chores or any other activity where the stone could be hit or damaged.

  • Almost all colored gemstone jewelry can be safely cleaned using a mild soap and water solution and a soft brush.

  • Always thoroughly rinse and dry your jewelry after cleaning and before storage.

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