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Appraisals are performed by a Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Each jewelry appraisal contains a complete and accurate description of your jewelry, including the current replacement value.

Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee that our appraisals will be accepted by your insurance company or your money back.

Insurance Companies Require Appraisals
The appraisals that we provide are "Replacement Value" appraisals. They are determined by fair market value of what it would cost to replace your items in the case of a loss.

Standard Appraisal Pricing

  • Appraisals are typically completed in 3 to 4 days 

  • $125.00 for the first item

  • $85.00 for each subsequent item

Appraisal by Appointment Pricing (limit 2 items)

  • Appraisals performed while you wait

  • $150.00 for the first item

  • $95.00 the second item

Estate Appraisal Pricing (more than 4 items)

  • Appraisals are completed in 10 to 14 days

  • $85 per item for 4-6 items

  • $75 per item for 7-9 items

  • $150 per hour for 10 or more items



Insurance Appraisals

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