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Consignment includes evaluating, cleaning, polishing, rhodium plating, tagging, and insuring the item while in our possession.

Vintage jewelry

Gold Buying

Looking for extra funds and have jewelry you no longer need or that is damaged? Stop by for a quick expert appraisal and turn your old, unused gold into cash.

Gold Buying | We Buy Gold | Jewelry Appraisals | Carlsbad

Insurance Appraisals

Ensure your jewelry is protected with insurance appraisals. We evaluate each piece to ensure an accurate valuation and safeguard your assets for years to come.

Insurance Appraisals | Jewelry Appraisals | San Marcos, CA

Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Have the sparkle of your jewelry restored with our complimentary cleaning service on every store visit. Trust us for the care & cleaning of your precious piece.

Jewelry Care & Cleaning | Jewelry Repair | Rings | Encinitas

Jewelry Refurbishing

We can do a complete refurbishing to your damaged jewelry to bring it back to new condition.

Jewelry tools

Jewelry Repairs

We have the skills and resources to perform any jewelry repair.

Woman fixing broken jewelry

Pearl/Bead Stringing

Restring your pearls when there is space between the knots and the pearls can move around freely.

String of pearls

Watch Repairs

Watch repairs are performed by a Certified Watch Specialist.

A watch on a wrist
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