Watch Repair Services

Watch Battery Replacement

Most basic watch battery replacements can be done on-site in our jewelry store while you wait. Some higher end watches or dive watches that need to be water sealed will require being sent to our Certified Watch Repair Specialist.

Watchband Sizing and Replacement

If you need a couple links removed or need to get a new band for your watch, we can do that for you right on-site.

Watch Repairs

You can trust that your watch repair is being performed by our Certified Watch Specialist. Service includes expert diagnosis and repair. Watches can be pressured tested for an additional cost, but most watches do not require this service. Our repair service only uses genuine replacement parts and factory approved accessories.

Complete Watch Service

When you watch is received for a complete service, the entire watch will be disassembled and its delicate parts will be inspected and ultrasonically cleaned. You will be notified immediately if we find any parts in need of replacement due to excessive wear. The crystal, crown & case back will be inspected for any defects which my compromise the water resistance of your watch. All gaskets and seals will be replaced with genuine parts specific to your watch brand. Your case and bracelet will be refinished, restoring the original luster and brilliance. During reassembly, your watch will be oiled and tested in accordance with the original manufacturers specifications. Your watch will be timed for accuracy and pressured tested for water resistance.