Free Jewelry Cleaning

We offer free jewelry cleaning every time you visit the store. This service is available to all customers whether or not you purchased the jewelry at our store.

The Cleaning Process

A thorough check of all of the stones in your setting to ensure that everything is secure. If you have loose stones, stone tightening is available right on-site.

  1. If necessary, a complete buffing and polishing to bring the luster of your gold back to it's original condition.

  2. An ultrasonic bath to remove any stubborn dirt hiding in the crevices or under your setting. Just a minute or two in the ultrasonic does the trick.

  3. A quick brush cleaning to make sure all of the residual dirt is removed.

  4. A complete rinse to remove any cleaning solution.

  5. A final rinse using a high pressure steamer and your jewelry is as good as new!


Click on this link to see our comprehensive jewelry Cleaning and Care instructions!