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We Buy Your Gold Jewelry
Need some extra cash? Have some unwanted or damaged jewelry? Bring it in for an estimate, and we will give you a spot valuation while you wait.

The Gold Buying Process

  1. Stop by the store with your gold

  2. We will test your gold with our equipment to determine the gold content

  3. After the gold content has been determined, we will weigh  your gold with our state certified scale to ensure accuracy.

  4. Once we determine the weight of your gold we will let you know how much money you have coming.

  5. We will then write you check on the spot!

150% Value for In-store Credit
As an option to increase the value you can get for your gold, you can also trade in your gold for and in-store credit. If you choose this option, the process remains the same except that we will issue you an in-store credit for 150% of the value that you would have received for the direct purchase. For example, if your gold value totals $100 after it was tested and weighed, instead of writing you a check for $100, we will issue you an in-store credit for $150.00! If you choose this option, your $150 can be used for any merchandise or custom order but cannot be redeemed for cash in the future.

Important: Before we can purchase your gold, we require a valid state approved form of identification. You will also be required to provide your personal information and provide a thumbprint for our system. All state and local laws apply.



Gold Buying

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